Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

About handling of personal information.

"Quakysense" for, the, in managed Quakysense Online Shop (It's called "this service" in the following.)

I follow the following guideline about handling of concerned personal information.

The 1st Basic policy about personal information handling

"Quakysense" will treat personal information with the following basic policy in view of the importance of the personal information protection.

(1) a decree about personal information and a model are obeyed.

(2) to protect and manage personal information, the information which is collected and used fixes a minimum in a necessary area.

(3) I have a thoroughgoing prevention crackdown and plan for safety of personal information and securement of accuracy. If, I take a measure quickly at the time of problem occurrence.

(4) to plan for continual improvement of information protect, I reconsider the practical use situation at any time, need and take measures appropriately.

The 2nd The merit of the personal information and the use purpose

"Quakysense" acquires personal information from everybody of the user of this service (It's just made "the user" in the following.) in relation to operation of this service.

We assume that the acquired personal information and the use purpose are as follows. It isn't used for anything but the use purpose.

(1) acquired personal information



3-date of birth


5-telephone number

6-mail address

7-service User ID and password in this

Further, the case I have payment with a credit card buy "Quakysense" goods through this service when, "Quakysense" is the one of the user.

A member number of a credit card and PIN aren't acquired.

(2) the use purpose of personal information above-mentioned

When confirmation of the A - contents I had this service order, shipping off of the goods you ordered and a delivery of a mail magazine are needed additionally to offer this service to the user.

When B - goods of "Quakysense" and news about service are performed.

When I give an answer to you to a question from C-customer.

Making of the statistical material classified every attribute of the D-customer (the age and the address, etc.)

The questionnaire and the promotion implementation, etc. which had E - purpose of planning and improvement of the service our site offers for their object

When the user's personal data is offered to a third person based on an article next to the F-.

The 3rd article Third person offer of personal data

We don't offer the personal data acquired from the user to a third person except for the next case.

(1) when the user agrees beforehand.

(2) the occasion based on the decree

(3) when it's when there is need for protection of the life of the person, a body or goods, to get one's own consent, and difficult.

(4) when it's when there is need in particular for promotion of improvement of public health or child's sound upbringing, to get one's own consent, and difficult.

(5) after national engine young SHIKU is when it's necessary to cooperate to the person's who received a local public organization or the trust executing the office work a decree sets.

When there is a fear that a trouble is exerted on execution of office work concerned by getting one's own consent.

(6) only the occasion necessary to achievement of the use purpose sometimes entrusts handling of personal information to outside in its reach necessary to achievement.

I'll require by contract and manage appropriately so that a leak and a re-offer aren't also performed in this case.

The 4th article Management of personal information

"Quakysense" manages acquired personal information by an appropriate way, and it's correct and I keep it in the latest state, lose hacking to personal information and destroy.

I have the crackdown to prevent garble and a leak, etc.. But, by an unfair act by crackers, the user and.

We can't shoulder responsibility about the case when damage has occurred to a third person, so please accept it.

The 5th article About voluntariness of meeting the merit of the personal information.

"Quakysense" but I have the user's will offer me all acquired personal information.

When there is a slip in the case and the mentioning contents which aren't entered in required item, a customer can't be recognized.

It isn't possible to answer to request from a customer, so please accept it beforehand.

The 6th article About Cookie (cookie).

The purpose which has a customer use more this service for this service conveniently and, to pick the reading history of the customer, technology as "cookie" is being used.

"Cookie" is the technology from which customer's computer is distinguished from a Web server.

A cookie isn't used for the purpose of anything but indication of its purchase history a customer a cart, so when you purchase by the cart form.

Please make the cookie setting of a browser effective.

The 7th article Child's privacy (Less than 16-year-old child needs guardian's permission.)

"Quakysense" and less than 16-year-old child doesn't make a site ahead of the link the subject. Without recognizing that I'm less than 16 years old on this service.

Customer's information is being collected. Less than 16-year-old customer use the dimension of the agreement and this service of a parent, a guardian or a guardian (It's called "guardian" in the following.), please.

The guardian who will hope for inquiry and elimination to the data with which the child was registered?

Please inquire and make a contact to the form.

The 8th article Technical safety control measure

I'm having a technical safety control crackdown so that a leak of personal information doesn't generate "Quakysense" about this service.

Cipher communication technological SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on the most highly reliable internet is adopted at present about security.

By this encryption technology, order information on customer's personal information. Of from the PC which codes and is a customer to a server the one of the information

It's being sent and received.

Information is coded, and it's sent, so information can't be seen for a third person. A customer can have enjoy a shopping safely.

The 9th article About elucidation of personal information and correction.

When you request a question about customer's personal information, elucidation, correction, a use stop and elimination, etc..

Please make a contact to "the question form".

The 10th article Change in the private policy

We assume that it's applied after a carrying day to this service. "Quakysense" then, to plan for customer's protection also answer to change in the model of a decree and other things more often.

The part of the "private policy" of this service is revised.

I'll recommend a customer to check it periodically. Further, about the occasion with the important change, in this service.

I'll inform you by a plain way.

■ Inquiry about a personal information protection policy

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