office Holiday

by quaky sense

【 office holiday 】

Japanese holiday (Saturday and Sunday) and holiday are a closure.

A mail order is being always accepted.

【Japanese Holiday】

2018.2.11 (sun) Foundation Day
2018.2.12 (mon) observed
2018.3.21 (wed) Vernal Equinox Day
2018.4.29 (sun) Showa Day
2018.4.30 (mon) observed
2018.5.03 (thu) Constitution Memorial Day
2018.5.04 (fri) Greenery Day
2018.5.05 (sat) Children's Day
2018.7.16 (mon) Marine Day
2018.8.11 (sat) Mountain Day
2018.9.17(mon) Respect for the Aged Day
2018.9.23 (sun) Autumnal Equinox Day
2018.9.24 (mon) observed
2018.10.08 (mon) Health and Sports Day
2018.11.03 (sat) Culture Day
2018.11.23 (fri) Labour Thanksgiving Day
2018.12.23 (sun) The Emperor's Birthday
2018.12.24 (mon) observed